• rhythmatic Music 21: Joseph Williams


    Joseph Williams is a resident of London’s Solo Danza night. His sound is composite of various styles which has seen him captivate the interest of respected members in the industry in a short space of time. His ability is personified through discerning DJ sets and his distinct production has lined up a range of releases on leading labels. Joseph’s dedication to sound will see him continue to grow in what proves to be a long journey ahead for this burgeoning talent.

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  • Podcast 19: Anna Wall


    Ask any well-known DJ, artist or producer the secret of their success and chances are that hard work will be pretty high up their list of essentials. Anyone who knows Anna Wall will know that this is one of the many characteristics that defines her, and now, after years of working her way up the underground ranks, it looks as if years of graft are starting to pay dividends.

    Since first getting to grips with decks at the age of 19, Anna has developed a reputation and keen following in her native London and university town of Newcastle. Playing classic and contemporary house and US garage and with a strong affinity with the roots of both, Anna’s broad knowledge of the history of dance music sets her apart from the hundreds of unimaginative, chart-championing DJs that plague the scene.

    Anna’s international break came in 2011 when she was recruited as resident DJ for Croatia’s Yacht Week, playing alongside CR2′s Dan Castro for an epic 7 days 7 nights. Since then, she has been booked alongside some of the world’s most respected DJ talents, with the last few years seeing Anna DJ in the impressive company of MK, Robert Owens, Norman Jay, Inland Knights, Soul Clap, Adam Shelton and Jordan Peak.

    Anna finest moment to date came back in March, when she played for Mixmag’s DJ Lab live stream at their penthouse in Miami alongside techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson and Miami’s own Treasure Fingers; an incredible achievement in its own right and one about which she is extremely proud.

    She spent her season this summer in Ibiza, playing clubs such as the world famous Space Ibiza for Future Disco alongside Carl Cox’s The Revolution Unites every Tuesday, plus trips back to her Hometown to play Warehouse LDN, and Watergate in Berlin to name a few. Watch this space…

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  • rhythmatic Christmas Special Part 2 with Sante (Avotre) 4 hrs & Anna Wall

    rhyth_dec(2) (1)

    Rhythmatic Christmas special

    Special guest

    Santé (A Votre, Desolat, Cocoon) – 4 hrs
    Anna Wall (A Votre)
    Matteo Manzini (Damaged)

    What better way to say goodbye to 2013 then with a hell of a party? What a year it has been, so many great moments so many great events.. and we all know there will be so many more to follow.

    For our last event of 2013 we have invited back an artist that has truly impressed us with his technical and music skills, and over the last few months he has taken the club land by storm with releases on A Votre, Desolat, Cocoon and Defected records.

    His debut at rhythmatic was back in February, and it was one of the highlights of 2013. We are super excited to have him back at the most intimate surrounding in the heart of Shoreditch where he will be playing alongside fellow A Votre artist; Anna Wall. By now might know who we are talking about… of course we are talking about Sante. Not only do we have the pleasure to have him as our headlining guest, but we are proud to announce that he will be doing an exclusive 4 hours set, just for us and this rhythmatic Christmas special.

    For this event we will be going back to the roots; We will be hosting the event at a new location for rhythmatic. This unique space offers a limited 200 capacity, and the basement venue is pimped out with full Martin Audio sound system.

    This is a limited space so make sure that you purchased tickets in advanced.

    We are looking forward to having all at our final gathering in 2013!

    ?Adv tickets:?

    £8, £10, £12 Adv, MOTD, £12 Students, £13 Con


    For guest list and more info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk


    ? follow us ?
    Twitter @rhythmaticuk / instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • review: Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary at Sidings Warehous


    The 19th October was a very special date for Rhythmatic, as they celebrated their 6th anniversary at the Sidings warehouse with Moritz von Oswald and Petre Inspirescu. Standing on their own, these names are already sure to attract the devoted techno fans but combine them, and you have the perfect cocktail to be assured one hell of a night. Considering the fact that this party coincided with the fabric 14th anniversary – with its usual lineup consisting of the ever present Villalobos, and other big names such as Zip, Marcel Dettman, and Sonja Moonear, the crowd in London sure had the luxury of choice. Many chose to do both consecutively, but for team KweekWeek, Rhythmatic was more than enough, as the quality of music and more intimate crowd in the only open room at Sidings was more to our taste than the chaotic maze that is fabric.

    By the time we got here, the Lazarides B2B Hamilton was drawing to its end, and had done a great job of warming the crowd. The room was warm and full of friendly faces, and the deep bass line resonated on the sound system, making our heart throb with every beat. We easily made our way to the front of the room, which was a nice change from the usual elbow battle we have to play to get even remotely close to the turntables. Just in time to see Moritz appear at the set, stoic expression on his face and records in hand, ready to give us what we had been waiting for since many weeks. And that he did. The music enveloped the room, beating rhythmically in a carefully studied manner, as could be expected from this German DJ, but varying into trippy and more eerie notes sometimes, which gave us some respite from all that dancing around.



    The end of his set at 3am was met by a standing ovation, as certain people shouted for one more track, but the applause redoubled as Petre made his appearance. Even though it was the first time we saw him play, we’d had a good taste of what he’s capable of, from records such as Swan Lake or Gradina Onirica so we knew what to expect. However he exceeded all expectations, taking the turntables by storm with some heavy beats. If any raver in the room was feeling tired by that time, Petre’s set was like a surge in energy, giving everyone a boost to keep on dancing until 6. His strong Romanian groove, characteristic of the [a:rpia:r] collective was right on the spot and echoed throughout the night, even after dawn crept up to remind us of the world that still existed outside this cocoon of music.



    Once again, Rhythmatic has not failed to impress with their impeccable organization, outstanding lineup and quality of the night as a whole. 6 years and going strong, these guys are sure to be here for a while to come. Hats off to Kiri, Kostas and the team for pulling it off once again, and if you still haven’t heard of Rhythmatic by now, check out their next party, the Christmas Special on 30th Nov with Martinez, Wesley Razzy and Mateo. It promises to be a big one as well, we would hate for you to miss it.

    (Photo and video copyrights: Rhythmatic UK)


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  • rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald and Petre inspirescu @ The Sidings Warehouse


    Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald & Petre Inspirescu 3 hours from rhythmatic on Vimeo.

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  • rhythmatic Christmas special part 1 with Martinez (Cocoon)


    rhythmatic Christmas special

    Basement: rhythmatic 

    Martinez (Cocoon)
    Wesley Razzy (rhythmatic)
    Mateo (House of Sound)

    Top Floor: Dirty Fresh Laundry co presents

    Terrell Reece
    Sy Karrie

    What a year has it been for Rhythmatic, we can’t believe we are already fast approaching the end of 2013. It has certainly been a year of travelling for us; our 5th Anniversary tour took us to places like Morocco, Monaco, Paris, St Tropez, Sonar, Amsterdam, Greece, and Stuttgart, plus many more locations in and around London.

    rhythmatic will be turning in Nov at a new space, but this time we are going intimate. The space is a new basement 200 capacity just of Kingsland road.

    For this event we will be bringing back an artist that over the years has impressed us with his style and music ethos, Martinez! Since his move to Cocoon, he has taken over the club land with his pumping techno house sets, from Festival and Cocoon parties at Amnesia, Used & Abused to Sonar, he has played all over the world. His return to Rhythmatic after his last appearance as part of the Fathers and Sons Showcase impressed so much that we thought he would be the perfect artist to close our 2013 season.


    Adv tickets

    £8, £10, £12 Adv, MOTD, £12 Students, £13 Con

    For guest list and more info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk


    follow us
    Twitter @rhythmaticuk / instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • rhythmatic interview for This is Progressive

    rhyth logo_02

    TIP have great admiration for dedicated people, and we value people and artists who promote, play and party for the right reasons, so in our first monthly feature of a promotions team, we talk to the brothers behind ‘rhythmatic’.

    “The twins” as they are nicknamed, or Double Trouble Promotions as their professional promotional name is, are twin brothers Kiri and Kostas, and they are ‘rhythmatic’. Relocated to London in early 2000 from Greece, they brought with them a vision of a memorable party and an unforgettable promotions agency. Showcasing some of the greatest talents and brining superstar Dj’s to play in the UK, some for the first time, at their events, they have really created a buzz for their venture ‘rhythmatic’. But needless to say this has only been possible through hard work and dedication- right? Maybe faith and a bit of luck on the way didn’t hurt, but at the end of the day we all knows that it takes hardcode determination and passion to establish yourself in a market that feeds on “here today, gone tomorrow”.

    With so many new promotions and parties emerging in London, all brining super talent and offering dance floors made of the coolest concrete warehouses, the clubbing scene in our musically over-floated capital, and the whole industry, have really taken a turn for the worst. Everyone is introducing themselves as a Dj or a promoter and there is no laws, structure or rules to whom can do so. rhythmatic had the benefit of entering the game five years back, and they were one of the first strong promotions agency’s not tied to an permanent venue, they establish themselves in a hot new market, so called “underground parties”, and by doing so they were on the scene from the start and have today grown to become a well mentioned name when talking about London based parties. But not stopping there, the agency have (alongside running their parties) launched a website offering interviews, news and event information and all things ‘rhythmatic’, and judging by the online buzz following the information and line up release for their 5th birthday coming up in October, we’re pretty sure this is only the first chapter of the rhythmatic story.
    TIP have great admiration for dedicated people, and we value people and artists who promote, play and party for the right reasons, so having a chat with the twins about the journey they been on gave us great opportunity to pick the brains of two guys with the hearts in the right places and ide filled heads tightly screwed on…



    Why promotions and music, why not sales, restaurants or accounting? 
    Kiri: well I finished electrical engineering and my bother finished medicine, but we got into events purely because we love the whole scene. We obviously never thought that things would get to this stage, however Kostas does still work as a Doctor and I work as an Operations Manager and run our business at the same time.

    Tell us a little about rhythmatic, what’s your vision? 
    rhythmatic started just like any other night, but we knew where and what we wanted to do. You see, in our day people were doing it purely for the hype – to make quick money and the glam party life and not because they care about putting on a good night. We’re not saying everyone, but the majority yes. Our events range from small intimate nights to the big warehouse parties; we always pay attention to production, line ups etc. Our vision for rhythmatic, is for it to be one great event that people go to, to have a great night out and to enjoy the raw warehouse feeling.

    So you have been running parties in London over the last five years, can you tell us a little about that journey, how it started and where you are today?
    rhythmatic’s launch was at EGG back in 2007. A good friend of ours called Lee Raphael introduced us to the club, and it was a big success for us. After that, we just started growing and growing, throwing parties every month for the next 5 years. We’ve had some ups and downs on the way, but generally it’s been great, and to this day rhythmatic is recognised among the best underground parties in London still putting together some great projects – we really couldn’t be happier.

    Which party has been the greatest to date, and why? 
    It has to be our first warehouse party back in 2010, it was on the 12 June, and we stepped out from our comfort zone of nightclub venues, to throw our first warehouse party with Matthias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace at Hewett Car Park. Such a great crowd – it is still one of the most talked about parties we’ve done!

    What is to expect if I was to attend a rhythmatic party? 
    Friendly crowd, great sound from our residents and guests, and some great event production at some of the best warehouse locations London has to offer. Come down on the 19th of October and you will see why!

    You have your 6th birthday party coming up, and it’s looking to be a great event – what will be special for the celebration? 6 years is a long time for any promoter, and of course our party on the 19th will be one big step for us. You hardly see any night reaching their 3rd-4th year, so to have got to this stage is a real achievement for us. Our line-up has been thought over many many months, and we feel it’s one of the best we have put together since we have started our project and we would like to believe it will be one of the highlights in 2013. Moritz von Oswald and Petre Inspirescu 3hrs coming together for one night only, with their only Warehouse London show in 2013 – we’re really excited. On top of this, we are putting together a lot of time and effort in to the production, bringing great VJ show from our friends in France ‘Dead Pixels’, our Red and Purple room to our finest Sound system to our new location, and so many surprises on the night. This is going to be one exciting gathering for sure.


    Have the game of promoting changed; is it harder to trough a good party today due to the competition and pressure from councils etc.? 

    Over the last months the council has stepped up the game and has been cracking down on parties and venues. In our experience, since we have managed venues in the past, everyone started putting on warehouse parties without taking the necessary precautions and measures to ensure the smooth running of their events. Too many people not focusing on safety (of course not all of them), who only care to cash in and as a result the promoters and warehouse owners have created all these issues with the residents around the spaces. As a result, the council has stepped up their effort to close down the spaces and it has been more difficult for good promoters to find new locations and venues. A year ago you had something like 30-40 warehouse spaces to choose from, week in week out. And now? Now maybe 5-10, so you can appreciate the issues good promoters are facing. The council doesn’t care who is a good promoter and who is bad. As far as they are concerned, we are all on the same list and the good promoters who put many hours into their projects are facing many obstacles as a result.

    What’s your personal opinion of the club scene in London is all getting a bit too much with new promotions and parties popping up to left and right?
    London is a great place to party and it’s always good to have competition. Competition makes you try harder to push your brand even further. But the last 15 months we have seen the scene growing so much that even for us, we are finding it hard to recognise it. So many promoters pop up every week, that over the last few months things have become very difficult, to find available spaces. We have noticed venues, artists, suppliers, promoters – all charging crazy money, etc., that even for established nights are finding it hard to adjust. The scene has been saturated a bit, and people go out to nights that offer that X factor… I think the number of promoters who will be able to afford to put on warehouse parties will decline just because of the overheads and promoters will move to clubs to run their events, or put on less events. One way or other things will change a lot in the next few months.

    Does the behind the scenes politics sometimes taking away focus for the reason behind it all, it’s all for the love of music right? 
    The days where people were doing it for the love of music according to our opinion have certainly changed. Things are so difficult in our days that there is no way where you can do events just for the love of music (definitely important factor to start with), but the financial aspect of the project is so high that even if you put on an event for 300 people you need to budget for £3-5K. You might do it once, twice, but if you don’t make money or have the funds, for how long can you do it for? Unless if you do a house party or your mum/dad has thousands of pounds to throw at you, and you can do it for the love of music… it’s just not honest! How can you say that I play for the love of music and when a DJ’s price tag is £7000 pounds?

    Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald & Petre Inspirescu 3 hours from rhythmatic on Vimeo.

    We haven’t seen “rhythmatic in Ibiza” or on tour for the Off Sonar – is there a special reason for you not traveling with the promotional name? 
    Ibiza we feel the big boys have taken over the island, everything has been glamorised and become so big that it would be very hard to get something to do well there, every day you are going against big players (NOT promoters but DJs). Every big DJ is doing their own party and is difficult for any promoter to get established, you hardly see any UK night doing anything out there, maybe one or two. Regarding Sonar, we got our first taste this year when our residents played there for various parties and yes, it is in our plans for 2014. Also, rhythmatic this summer put events in various cities throughout Europe as part of the 5th Anniversary Tour…


    With a great roster of residents; Stathis Lazarides (rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso), Wesley Razzy (rhythmatic), Archie Hamilton (rhythmatic, Moscow records) – why did you choose these dj’s to be your chosen few? 
    Our residents have been with us for many many years, Stathis Lazarides 6 years, Wesley Razzy 4 and Archie Hamilton 3. The guys have been working relentless the last few years and you will see their effort at last is being rewarded by putting out some great productions and supporting the rhythmatic project.

    Stathis Lazaride is one of the most intelligent and talented DJs we have ever come across. We were invited by a good friend of ours (Satoshi Tommie) to go and see him at the Cross. On the night I (Kiri) can recall that he was chatting to my girlfriend but at the time I didn’t realize he was Greek. Then we got introduced by Satoshi and the rest is history! Stathis Lazarides has been a member of the Rhythmatic collective since day one, he has been there for us and continuously helps us mature the sound of Rhythmatic and direct the project musically.

    Where can we start on Wesley Razzy, what a great character, the cheeky boy with the great smile. He reminded us of ourselves when we started putting events together almost 16 years ago… I remember it was 3 years ago and I (Kiri) was travelling away on business and I was so bored at the time, so I decided to listen to this mix that Wesley has been sending me. Back then we were receiving so many requests from over confident djs that promised to smash it but luckily we weren’t looking for smashing anything hahaha… But Wesley’s approach was different and we warmed up to him quite fast so he became our resident.

    In regards to Archie Hamilton, he is one of the most humble DJs anyone could meet, so talented and so down to the earth… His friends have been to a few of our events and it was the year we put on some of the most talked about parties with the likes of Marco Carola, Tanzmann and Squillace, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and the Moon Harbour 24 hour party. At the Moon Harbour party, he came with his friends to the day party at Cargo and we ended up partying together… So after spending the whole day, night and after’s together Archie invited us back to his house, were he played us one of his tracks and coincidently, it was one of our favourite tracks at the time! So we asked him to send us a mix and it was only natural to offer him a slot and become part of the Rhythmatic collective as his mix was as good as his own productions. Archie and Stathis have been making tracks for more than a year together now and the music they produce is absolute quality so we are double happy to have created this collaboration between them!

    Dream guest DJ? 
    We don’t have one specific, over the years every DJ we wanted has passed over the rhythmatic decks. Our guests are booked based on the quality of the music they play.

    Where do you think the general EDM scene is going, is dance music events dying?
    EDM – well where can we start… America coined the phrase and we can see the phenomenon is taking over our city and Ibiza. There’s big money to be made certainly in America & Ibiza, and there is a very overwhelming response. DJs cashing in big time and promoters doing the same thing. Big players in house and Techno music, when they are going across the pond, are making 3-4 times the money they make in Europe!

    Will it last I don’t know, but it has an effect on us as promoters, by the extraordinary fees these artists are now charging and as a result we have to pass the charges to our punters by increasing the door entrance. Dance events are not dying of course, but the scene is definelty changing and I think there is generally a bit of a confusion in terms of music – what is underground, what is mainstream, maybe the scene has lost a bit of its identity, the love of music, the reason we started all these parties, you know?

    Where do you prefer to hold your events, warehouse or club parties? Do you think the ambience of the party changes with the location? We have done events in clubs and warehouses, and over the last 3 years we have been doing events only in warehouse spaces. I guess doing events in warehouse spaces means you have full autonomy of the space and you are your own boss. From our experience doing an event in a warehouse is always exciting, through putting the production together and transforming that raw space into a fully functional club, and that’s where the beauty is. Warehouse spaces definitely gives us a buzz, and our crowd agree, from space to space there is always something new to discover and make the party even more exciting. Wait and see at the Anniversary party!

    What’s your plan for ‘rhythmatic’ for the next coming years?
    Let’s say rhythmatic will be back next year with very exciting projects – details coming very soon.


    Interview by Maria Lodetoft

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  • Video Teaser: rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald & Petre Inspirescu 3 hours


    Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald & Petre Inspirescu 3 hours from rhythmatic on Vimeo.

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  • rhythmatic 6th Anniversary previews



    RA preview



    Nights.Ro preview 


    The event is scheduled on the evening of October 19, 2013 in London, with Peter Inspirescu doing 3 hours set.

    Another very interesting event agenda novel Inspirescu Petre is scheduled on the evening of October 19, 2013 , in the capital of the United Kingdom, London , following the location to be announced later, along with the rest of the artists who will be confirmed in the line-up.

    Visit Romania Petre Inspirescu in London, will be made ??on the anniversary of 6 years, the local brand “ Rhythmatic ”, an event that will share that with the German techno artists Moritz von Oswald , an artist who can be said to already be part of the legend electronic music, he also was known as the Maurizio , or “ Moritz von Oswald Trio ”project consists of live, Max Loderbauer, Moritz von Oswald and Vladislav Delay .

    The organizers announced that Romania Petre Inspirescu will be playing 3 hours long set, being one of London’s most favour it artist, together with Moritz von Oswald, will headline the event .

    The party is scheduled to begin at 22:00 and end at 6:00 am, ticket prices announced today is £20 and will grow as the evening event, another detail is evident from the party will continue with an afterhours in a location that will be revealed only to the tickets and at the participants at the main party.

    To date organizer Rhythmatic are big fun of the roumanians and have already  included artists such as: Rhadoo, Livio & Roby, Premiesku, Priku and other international artists: Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann, Luca Bacchetti, Maayan Nidam, San Proper, Julian Perez, Martinez, Marco Carola and others.

    Apparently anniversary of the 6 years of the organizer Rhythmatic , the music industry will be animated by two of the most professional artists in the world, the novel Peter Inspirescu and German Moritz von Oswald , both are considered among the best composers electronic music from the production of natural sounds organic.

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    Pulseradio preview

    Rhythmatic are celebrating their 6th birthday taking place in an East London warehouse on the 19th October and featuring underground techno’s finest. Get your tickets to Rhythmatic here.

    On the 19th October, two of the most exciting names in house and techno will be playing their only London warehouse shows this year. Rhythmatic have come a long way since their first ever warehouse party and they have a reputation for bringing the biggest artists to the exciting London warehouse scene. Moritz von Oswald, a techno artist who has been highly influential since the 1990’s, will be flying in from Berlin to give you a masterclass in true techno sound. For those that need a refresher, Oswald is one half of both Basic Channel and Maurizio.

    The second is an artist who has already partied with the Rhythmatic entourage – Petre Inspirescu. As owner of the very important label [a:rpia:r], alongside Rhadoo and Raresh, Inspirescu knows the house scene inside out. His fascination with deep house and eclectic rhythms within the scene means his DJ sets are guaranteed to take you on a journey. He will give you a lesson through the times and guide you through the deeper sounds of house.

    Get Tickets to Ryhthmatic’s 6th Birthday Here.

    As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the official after party: Rhythmatic presents Un:Rated.Wristbands will be available at the main event and the capacity for the after party is set to a strict capacity of just 100. Full details of the Tickets are available on the Pulse website via the link above and below.

    Keep checking the Rhythmatic website for specific details on location.

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    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/q-BB7dNEaT0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


    Guestlist Network preview 

    Rhythmatic are celebrating their sixth brithday party in true warehouse style.

    Time flies when you’re having fun. So when the organisers of Rhythmatic first opened their doors to the public in 2008, I’m sure they would be gobsmacked to know that six years later, they would be preparing for their biggest night yet to celebrate their sixth anniversary. On 19th October, East London will once again alight with the sounds of techno and house music, for what should be a high-fuelled thriller of a night.

    It’s fitting then that the line-up lives up to the excitement of the night. The first headliner, making his Rhythmatic debut performance, is multi-instrumentalist Moritz von Oswald from Berlin, boasting some of the most influential and innovative techno music around. The second headliner probably feels like more of a local. Petre Inspirescu will be getting behind the decks once more to showcase the grooviest beats of deep house, for what promises to be an electrifying night.

    As this will be the only chance to see these two perform in London this year, October’s Rhythmatic is an unmissable opportunity to join in the birthday festivities. Happy birthday Rhythmatic!

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     Review by Data Transmission

    rhythmatic turn six! When this project started it is doubtful they would have ever dreamt that after 6 years they would still be here, preparing for their biggest celebration since the start of rhythmatic. What a journey it has been, from EGG to putting on some of the most talked about parties London has witnessed…

    On the 19th October, They will be putting together our biggest event to date, bringing together, for the first time in the capital, two very unique artists from the House & Techno scene, to celebrate rhythmatic’s 6th Anniversary.Their 1st headliner will make his first appearance for rhythmaticMoritz von Oswald.  Half of both Basic Channeland Maurizio, he has become one of the most influential producers of techno music in the 1990s, will be bringing his rhythms and sounds from Berlin. Whilst their 2nd headliner is Petre Inspirescu who is already part of the long list of great artists that have appeared at rhythmatic; He has long been a pivotal figure alongside his frequent accomplices Rhadoo and Raresh. From the very beginning Petre has been strongly affected by deep house tunes and the multitude variety of grooves – not only in electronic music. His DJ sets are as sonically baffling as they are irresistibly groovy; as a producer, his tracks are as unhinged as they are methodical. He equally owns the label (a:rpia:r), with Rhadoo and Raresh.This will be the ONLY warehouse appearance for both artists in London this year. So why not join them in this extra special day and toast a few drinks whilst listening to good music to celebrate a good 6 years, so be part of this amazing journey get your tickets now

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  • Feeling lucky: rhythmatic 6th Anniversary Competition

    photo (1)

    Feeling lucky: rhythmatic 6th Anniversary Competition


    To celebrate our 6th anniversary we are putting together this great competition, with a chance to win this big price, all you have to do is share and like our flyer.


    • Petre Inspirescu Fabric CD 68
    • Moritz von Oswald Vinyl – 12″ Blue out on Honest Jones records
    • Archie Hamilton – Vinyl –  KRNV 002 – Karton Music Group
    • Access all areas
    • rhythmatic stickers
    • 2 x entries main party
    • 2 x entries after party
    • 2 x Dirty Fresh Laundry Top & Cap
    • 1 x rhythmatic banner (Anniversary art work)
    • Drinks from our sponsor Red Bull
    • Drinks from Kopparberg, Naked Apple, Mixed Fruits & Pears


    Winner will be revealed on Friday the 18 Oct at 5PM


    Full event’s details click here

    Thanks to:  Moritz von Oswald, Petre inspirescu, Red Bull, Kopparberg & Dirty Fresh Laundry for their contribution



    Good luck

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