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    Labelled by Mixmag as “One of London’s most exciting underground raves…” is testament to just how far Rhythmatic have evolved as one of the most trusted promotors on the circuit. And with the likes of Marco Carola mentioning one of his favourites parties in 2011, and muttering that in the same sentence as Amnesia in Ibiza, you know it’s something special.



    As Rhythmatic has reached 7 years in the Capital of true to the bone, music focused parties, they have become the go-to London event for house and techno’ s risings star. Simultaneously they have bought in some of the scenes biggest players h?aving already welcomed the likes of Carl Cox, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squallice, Premiesku, Onur Ozer, Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax and more to their events.

    Rhythmatic strictly pursues an ethos towards cutting edge music, genre-bending and an open-minded attitude which will make them perfect hosts for room 2 at Cocoon. Each event Rhythmatic drives towards achieving versatility and steers away from following the obvious trends, by booking guest such as DJ Three, Nastia, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, Boris Werner, San Proper, Luca Bacchetti, Julian Perez and Barac who can offer something completely diverse to their audience.

    Keep an eye out for forthcoming interview and mixes with their residents & stay in the loop:
    Twitter & Instagram @rhythmaticuk


    LWE and Another Party present

    Cocoon London
    Saturday 22nd November,
    10pm – 6am (Last entry 1am)
    Building Six, The O2, Greenwich, SE10 0AX


    Room 1: Cocoon

    Sven Vath
    Steve Bug
    Christian Burkhardt – Live

    Room 2: rhythmatic meets Cocoon

    Carlos Ryan
    Chaz Beazli
    Chrissy Hope

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  • Aftermath movie : rhythmatic by day by night by morning


    rhythmatic by day / by night / by morning w/ Maragert Dygas, Mara Trax, Tobias. Live, & Barac from rhythmatic on Vimeo.

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    Q. You guys created Rhythmatic, tell us how and when did it all start.

    A. Hello and thank you for giving us the opportunity to chat to you. We always were passionate about clubbing, music and events! Before we decided to start Rhythmatic we had already been hosting events in Greece & Newcastle under a different name but never thought we would be in London. Considering it being one of the best underground parties to its day, you really don’t get many nights that make it past 2-3 years, never mind 7.

    Rhythmatic started 6 years ago when we came back from Miami, we had a great time & we thought we should give it one more go and see where it will go, but never thought we would get to this point.
    Q. Rhythmatic has been going on for a while, has anything changed? The crowd? The music?
    A. Rhythmatic has been one of the truly underground nights, bringing some of the memorable warehouse showcases. The time has passed so quickly and during these years the music we provide has been built from years and years of experience. This is why Rhythmatic has been recognised as one who has and continues to educate new and old crowds. Despite all the rapid changes in the club industry, Rhythmatic music has never failed to produce something unique. The crowd does change and especially if you have been running a project for that long, but we always find a new audience to showcase our music and parties to.
    Q. How do u manage to keep your parties going for so many years ?
    A. Wellbeing, passion and keeping ahead of the pack I guess, but times have changed a lot and yes it was a lot easier back in the day. When we started there were hardly any proper warehouse parties, maybe 2-4 very well distinguished brands, but hardly any new nights. When we stepped back in the Clubbing scene after 4 years back in 2010, it was such high risk because for a new night it was difficult but we knew what we wanted and we brought some of the most talked about parties in 2010, 2011, 2012 with the likes of Marco Carola, Davide Squillace, Mattathias Tanzmann, Onur Ozer, a:rpia:r, Premiesku and so many more.
    My brother and I are always looking to get the best out of it and so we decided to step up the game and start hosting some of today’s amazing showcases. The last two years things have changed a lot from the crowd, venues, artists and we do feel that the London scene is a lot more saturated and I don’t see as much passion and hype about nights. It’s all about a quick fix for a lot of promoters, make it quick and go. A lot of promoters who came after us have changed and people think that if you have money you can do anything. This attitude has a serious impact even to established promoters to cope with high prices, also but management of warehouse space which have result the authority and the police to be on the case.
    Q. If you could choose one thing to keep and one thing to change in London’s music scene, what would they be?
    A. People’s perceptions and mentality, I really believe there is no unity where everyone can trust and believe and work for one the same reason, I wish things were more transparent. We have seen a lot of things from 7 years in this industry and always wonder why people can’t be simple and enjoy something unique London has to offer. I hear all the time about community, people are in this together, but I don’t see this, and that’s why you see nights come and go so easily and DJs. I really feel London has lost a bit of the magic it had, maybe we are getting old maybe we are out of touch, but our project has been running for 7 years now and that says that a lot.
    Q. Our guest is Damian Oh, who has been a regular DJ at your parties, what’s so special about him ?
    A. Damian Oh, is a great friend & a great DJ, he is an artist that let’s his music speak before anything else, having him for a first time at our main Rhythmatic party is an honour and we really can’t wait to hear what he has in store on the 6th of Septemer.
    Q. What can we expect from Rhythmatic in 2014-2015?
    A. Only time will tell…
    Q. You guys just started the vinyl club , can you tell us more about it ?
    A. Well we have always been fascinated in bringing unique concepts and projects in London, and we have to say the idea of creating the vinyl club has really paid off our time and dedication over the last 7 months.
    The concept is to invite new and undiscovered talent to showcase their music, exchange records, guide them on technical skills and invite well known DJ’s to come and show others how to play and learn from them the art of mixing. There are also talks and presentations from different areas within the music industry, from how to put your music out there, start a label, production tips, marketing yourself plus many more.
    This will be a great opportunity to create a community of similar minded DJs, artists, producers and generally music lovers, and to provide a meeting point to help people network with other musicians and companies which are sometimes hard to get in contact with or get the exposure out there.
    Rhythmatic’s next party is on the 6th of September. More info below:

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  • rhythmatic by day, by night, by morning w/ Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax, Tobias. Live & Barac


    rhythmatic by day, by night, by morning w/ Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax, Tobias. Live & Barac 



    rhythmatic by day / by night / by morning w/ Maragert Dygas, Mara Trax, Tobias. Live, & Barac from rhythmatic on Vimeo.


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  • Vinyl Club Vs. Love Vinyl Roof Terrace Special


    Vinyl club is back on the 14 August at Dalston Roof Park

    Our residents on rotation will be joined by various guests and upcoming DJs on the roof Terrace over the summer

    Carlos Ryan
    Chris Hope
    Chaz Beazli
    Paddington James


    Stuart Patterson  b2b Jake Holloway
    Audio Peckham
    Sean Donnelly

    Looking forward to having some great talents on board. You dont have to be a DJ to take part, as long as you are a Vinyl lover everyone is welcome to come and spin, their favor it record(s)

    The concept is to invite new and undiscovered talent to showcase their music, exchange records, guide them on technical skills and invite well known DJ’s to come and show others how they perform. There will also be talks and presentations from different areas in the music industry, and guidance on many subjects, from how to put you music out there, starting a label, producing tips, marketing, branding yourself as an artist, and other subjects in the music industry.



    This will be a great opportunity to create a community of similar minded DJs, artists, producers and generally music lovers, and to provide a meeting point to help people network with other musicians and companies which are sometimes hard to get in contact with.


    If you, or anyone you know would like to play please send us a minimum house mix of 30 min to:


    If you are involved in the music scene in any way from promotion, record shops, record label’s, music magazine’s, Music school’s, Club owners’s or any other part in the music business and would like to give talk’s or are just interested in the project please send us an Email to:


    Vinyl Club is for everyone, performing or just spectating.

    Music is to be shared

    facebook: www.facebook.com/vinylclublnd
    twitter: @vinylclublondon
    email: Vinylclublondon@gmail.coma


    Vinyl Club Exchange Group

    All exchanges will be taking place at our Vinyl club events. For more info and when the next event will be taking place please visit our event page.



    A few things to know about the venue and the charity

    Bootstrap Company is a charitable social enterprise home to 300 businesses and charities, Bootstrap Campus, Merci Marie, Printhouse Gallery, The Bunker, The Bee Garden and Dalston Roof Park.

    Bootstrap is committed to:
    • Providing affordable spaces for work and play
    • Supporting our network of tenants and start-ups
    • Promoting access to culture and enterprise for all

    Through Bootstrap Campus, a programme of training and work placements, Bootstrap Company provides young people from East London with opportunities to develop their skills, experience, and professional networks.

    Visit the official Bootstrap Company<http://www.bootstrapcompany.co.uk/> website for more details.


    Dalston Roof Park, a project brought to you by Bootstrap Company, is an urban garden overlooking London’s skyline.

    Membership is a £5 donation for the whole summer with free film screenings and music events plus pop up street food stalls. We want our park to be used and enjoyed by everybody.

    Sign up for membership on the Dalston Roof Park<http://www.bootstrapcompany.co.uk/22_dalston_roof_park> website.

    we will provide eclectic food from
    ?White Men can’t Jerk?



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  • rhythmatic by day, by night, by morning w/ Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax, Tobias. Live & Barac 6 Sept at Village Underground


    rhythmatic by day / by night / by morning


          Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax (Vera & Maayan Nidam), Tobias. Live & Barac


    Village Underground

     6 Sept 2014 // 24 hours

    rhythmatic has taken a short break after 6 years of putting some of talked about and exciting events, and will be back after the summer, launching a series of very special events that are not to be missed.

    6 Sept will see a 24-hour party, rhythmatic stays true to its music ethos and is putting together one exciting line up for 24 hours of shenanigans…

    After a long absence Mara Trax (Vera & Maayan Nidam) return to London for their rhythmatic debut. Maayan Nidam is no stranger, having appeared alongside San Proper in March last year at one of our best intimate parties/afters, so we are thrilled to have her back with partner in crime Vera. The ladies will be playing a 4h set – not to be missed!



    Since starting his solo project after Noi Doi, Barac has been creating quite a stir on the underground scene with his live & DJ set, and we can’t wait for his debut on the 6 Sept.

    Our main headliner is a Perlon and Panorama Bar affiliate. Margaret Dygas (3h set) will make her first appearance at Rhythmatic with fellow PB artist Tobias. Live, performing live. In light of the two artists’ recent E.P, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

    We will not announce which artists will play at which part of the event. It is all about musically minded people coming together for the music………


    Margaret Dygas (Perlon) 3 hrs



    Life as Margaret Dygas has experienced it has had more than it’s fair share of unusual twists and turns. With a sound born in New York, ripened in London and refined in Berlin, Margaret Dygas is an artist whose sound possesses a true international resonance.

    Following her move to Berlin in 2007, Margaret started producing and writing her own music, and has since then released EP’s and full-length albums on Contexterrior, Power ShovelAudio, Perlon and Non Standard Productions.




    Mara Trax (Perlon, Oslo) 4 hrs

    (Maayan Nidam & Vera)



    Mara Trax is a project of Maayan Nidam (aka Miss Fitz) and Vera Heindel. Maayan and Vera have only been

    working together for a short time, but the music they love to play is the sound of the time. Their passion for raw, old school house grooves built the foundation for collaborative productions and performances.

    Mixing dance music’s penchant for deepness with the old school tracks that they are consciously evoking, the team is leading a new deep movement especially springing up around the cities of Frankfurt and Mannheim.



    Tobias. live (Ostgut Ton)



    There is no need to divide his works into avant-garde or club contexts, because he effortlessly merges his whole spectrum into a performance that is all him, transforming the complex textures and gripping rhythms that make his music so fascinating into experiences where listening and dancing are one, and a whole life of music leads to ever new innovations. As it happens. On the spot. Tobias Freund may be non-standard, but he sure set many.

    Tobias (Live) @Kutaisi Electronic Music Festival from Stare At Dj on Vimeo.


    Barac (Sunrise)



    Getting more and more known for his real name, Barac, half of the NoiDoi crew d Dedicated to good vibe and harmony, this artist warms up our souls and brings a smile on. Decided in 2012 to extend his solo works.

    Born with a soft spot for music, he managed to gather years of musical experience, which can be felt and tasted in his productions just like a fresh opened bottle of an old wine.


     Vinyl club Competition Winner


    Are you a Vinyl DJ? Post a link to your mix on our Facebook page to enter our DJ Competition. You could win a set at our huge end of summer party, go to our fan page and post your mix, Competition is closed on the 15 August & winner will be revealed on the 20 August

    rhythmatic facebook fanpage



    R you feeling lucky?

    All you have to do is share and like our flyer on the rhythmatic facebook fan page


    See you all on 6 Sept for our 24hrs special by day/by night/by morning event.


    rhythmatic sites 

    >Facebook event

    >Facebook fan page 

    >Instagram follow us @rhythmatic

    >twitter follow us @rhythmaticuk

    >rhythmatic podcasts 



    >Vinyl club 

    >Vinyl Exchange Group


    Tickets prices

    (First headliner will start before 5PM)

    ?Tickets prices?

    Please note NO guest list will be available for this event ONLY tickets, you can book your ticket either online or buy a hard copy from our ticket agencies.

    One ticket will get you to see all 5 headliners, but we will not be revealing time slots or when each artist will play

    ?Online tickets Price
    £8 Sold out,
    £12 Sold out,
    £15 Sold out
    On sale now , £18, £20

    ?OTD payment:

    Before 12AM £20, after 12AM £25

    ?Group tickets:
    Buy 4 tickets get the 5th free £72 (On Sale now)

    ?Entrance before 5PM:
    Tickets before 5PM £12 first release, follow by £15
    Group ticket before 5PM by 4 get the 5th Free, £60

    Tickets are non transferable, to enter the venue with a valid ticket you will need to present the card you used to purchase the ticket, otherwise NO entry.

    Online Outlets 

    >RA tickets: 

    >TRSN tickets:  






    >Dirty Fresh Laundry


    After Party: 

    Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/710204825738476/

    Tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?627394


    The Manager reserves the right to refuse entry.

    rhythmatic team

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  • podcast 21: Joseph Williams


    Joseph Williams is a resident of London’s Solo Danza night. His sound is composite of various styles which has seen him captivate the interest of respected members in the industry in a short space of time. His ability is personified through discerning DJ sets and his distinct production has lined up a range of releases on leading labels. Joseph’s dedication to sound will see him continue to grow in what proves to be a long journey ahead for this burgeoning talent.

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  • Podcast 19: Anna Wall


    Ask any well-known DJ, artist or producer the secret of their success and chances are that hard work will be pretty high up their list of essentials. Anyone who knows Anna Wall will know that this is one of the many characteristics that defines her, and now, after years of working her way up the underground ranks, it looks as if years of graft are starting to pay dividends.

    Since first getting to grips with decks at the age of 19, Anna has developed a reputation and keen following in her native London and university town of Newcastle. Playing classic and contemporary house and US garage and with a strong affinity with the roots of both, Anna’s broad knowledge of the history of dance music sets her apart from the hundreds of unimaginative, chart-championing DJs that plague the scene.

    Anna’s international break came in 2011 when she was recruited as resident DJ for Croatia’s Yacht Week, playing alongside CR2′s Dan Castro for an epic 7 days 7 nights. Since then, she has been booked alongside some of the world’s most respected DJ talents, with the last few years seeing Anna DJ in the impressive company of MK, Robert Owens, Norman Jay, Inland Knights, Soul Clap, Adam Shelton and Jordan Peak.

    Anna finest moment to date came back in March, when she played for Mixmag’s DJ Lab live stream at their penthouse in Miami alongside techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson and Miami’s own Treasure Fingers; an incredible achievement in its own right and one about which she is extremely proud.

    She spent her season this summer in Ibiza, playing clubs such as the world famous Space Ibiza for Future Disco alongside Carl Cox’s The Revolution Unites every Tuesday, plus trips back to her Hometown to play Warehouse LDN, and Watergate in Berlin to name a few. Watch this space…

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  • rhythmatic Christmas Special Part 2 with Sante (Avotre) 4 hrs & Anna Wall

    rhyth_dec(2) (1)

    Rhythmatic Christmas special

    Special guest

    Santé (A Votre, Desolat, Cocoon) – 4 hrs
    Anna Wall (A Votre)
    Matteo Manzini (Damaged)

    What better way to say goodbye to 2013 then with a hell of a party? What a year it has been, so many great moments so many great events.. and we all know there will be so many more to follow.

    For our last event of 2013 we have invited back an artist that has truly impressed us with his technical and music skills, and over the last few months he has taken the club land by storm with releases on A Votre, Desolat, Cocoon and Defected records.

    His debut at rhythmatic was back in February, and it was one of the highlights of 2013. We are super excited to have him back at the most intimate surrounding in the heart of Shoreditch where he will be playing alongside fellow A Votre artist; Anna Wall. By now might know who we are talking about… of course we are talking about Sante. Not only do we have the pleasure to have him as our headlining guest, but we are proud to announce that he will be doing an exclusive 4 hours set, just for us and this rhythmatic Christmas special.

    For this event we will be going back to the roots; We will be hosting the event at a new location for rhythmatic. This unique space offers a limited 200 capacity, and the basement venue is pimped out with full Martin Audio sound system.

    This is a limited space so make sure that you purchased tickets in advanced.

    We are looking forward to having all at our final gathering in 2013!

    ?Adv tickets:?

    £8, £10, £12 Adv, MOTD, £12 Students, £13 Con


    For guest list and more info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk


    ? follow us ?
    Twitter @rhythmaticuk / instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • review: Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary at Sidings Warehous


    The 19th October was a very special date for Rhythmatic, as they celebrated their 6th anniversary at the Sidings warehouse with Moritz von Oswald and Petre Inspirescu. Standing on their own, these names are already sure to attract the devoted techno fans but combine them, and you have the perfect cocktail to be assured one hell of a night. Considering the fact that this party coincided with the fabric 14th anniversary – with its usual lineup consisting of the ever present Villalobos, and other big names such as Zip, Marcel Dettman, and Sonja Moonear, the crowd in London sure had the luxury of choice. Many chose to do both consecutively, but for team KweekWeek, Rhythmatic was more than enough, as the quality of music and more intimate crowd in the only open room at Sidings was more to our taste than the chaotic maze that is fabric.

    By the time we got here, the Lazarides B2B Hamilton was drawing to its end, and had done a great job of warming the crowd. The room was warm and full of friendly faces, and the deep bass line resonated on the sound system, making our heart throb with every beat. We easily made our way to the front of the room, which was a nice change from the usual elbow battle we have to play to get even remotely close to the turntables. Just in time to see Moritz appear at the set, stoic expression on his face and records in hand, ready to give us what we had been waiting for since many weeks. And that he did. The music enveloped the room, beating rhythmically in a carefully studied manner, as could be expected from this German DJ, but varying into trippy and more eerie notes sometimes, which gave us some respite from all that dancing around.



    The end of his set at 3am was met by a standing ovation, as certain people shouted for one more track, but the applause redoubled as Petre made his appearance. Even though it was the first time we saw him play, we’d had a good taste of what he’s capable of, from records such as Swan Lake or Gradina Onirica so we knew what to expect. However he exceeded all expectations, taking the turntables by storm with some heavy beats. If any raver in the room was feeling tired by that time, Petre’s set was like a surge in energy, giving everyone a boost to keep on dancing until 6. His strong Romanian groove, characteristic of the [a:rpia:r] collective was right on the spot and echoed throughout the night, even after dawn crept up to remind us of the world that still existed outside this cocoon of music.



    Once again, Rhythmatic has not failed to impress with their impeccable organization, outstanding lineup and quality of the night as a whole. 6 years and going strong, these guys are sure to be here for a while to come. Hats off to Kiri, Kostas and the team for pulling it off once again, and if you still haven’t heard of Rhythmatic by now, check out their next party, the Christmas Special on 30th Nov with Martinez, Wesley Razzy and Mateo. It promises to be a big one as well, we would hate for you to miss it.

    (Photo and video copyrights: Rhythmatic UK)


    Full article click here


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