• rhythmatic Christmas special part 1 with Martinez (Cocoon)


    rhythmatic Christmas special

    Basement: rhythmatic 

    Martinez (Cocoon)
    Wesley Razzy (rhythmatic)
    Mateo (House of Sound)

    Top Floor: Dirty Fresh Laundry co presents

    Terrell Reece
    Sy Karrie

    What a year has it been for Rhythmatic, we can’t believe we are already fast approaching the end of 2013. It has certainly been a year of travelling for us; our 5th Anniversary tour took us to places like Morocco, Monaco, Paris, St Tropez, Sonar, Amsterdam, Greece, and Stuttgart, plus many more locations in and around London.

    rhythmatic will be turning in Nov at a new space, but this time we are going intimate. The space is a new basement 200 capacity just of Kingsland road.

    For this event we will be bringing back an artist that over the years has impressed us with his style and music ethos, Martinez! Since his move to Cocoon, he has taken over the club land with his pumping techno house sets, from Festival and Cocoon parties at Amnesia, Used & Abused to Sonar, he has played all over the world. His return to Rhythmatic after his last appearance as part of the Fathers and Sons Showcase impressed so much that we thought he would be the perfect artist to close our 2013 season.


    Adv tickets

    £8, £10, £12 Adv, MOTD, £12 Students, £13 Con

    For guest list and more info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk


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    Twitter @rhythmaticuk / instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • Podcast 6: Boris Werner (Moon Harbour, Catwash)


    Our 6th Podcast comes from Boris Werner.

    Boris Werner (Moon Harbour, Catwash)

    RA page

    Facebook page

    Rhythmatic is already into their 3rd instalment in 2012, and it’s promising to be their best party yet. Haven showcase on the Rhythmatic decks with some individual artists with great unique sounds, is back on the 14th of April with another stellar line up.

    For this night we are proud to bring you, for the first time, a very unique artist. We have been trying for some time to secure him for our parties, and finally he is here, Boris Werner, synonymous with Moon Harbour and Circo Loco, Amsterdam Bad boy is give us a taste of what to expect on the night.


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  • Boris Werner interview

    boris-werner (1)

    Simone De La Fuente catches up with Boris Werner ahead of his debut appearance at Rhythmatic on the 14th April in which he talks Amsterdam, being a bad boy, illegal raves and playing for Loco Dice’s Under 300 tour.

    Q. On 14 April, you play for Rhythmatic. What was your first time playing in London like?
    A. The first time I don’t remember that well, I think it was around 2007, 2008.. I played at the Egg. Afterwards we went to this after party and never got out so we missed our plane back, haha

    Q.You are often described as a ‘bad boy’. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
    A. Hehe, well I was and I guess I stil am?!! Sometimes I can do very crazy things in early mornings. Two years ago i was at Sunwaves, Romania. After a while we decided to go to a party next door. The moment I got searched I realized I had a lot of weed in my pockets… Within a second, 10 cops were around me screaming I had to empty my pockets. Luckily I could throw away some other stuff – otherwise I would have been in more shit! Finally I had to pay around 200 Euro’s and got away with it. My excuse was that I was from Amsterdam and forgot all about it.

    Q.It’s well known that you love an illegal rave. Have there been any run ins with the police at any of the illegal parties you’ve played or been at?
    A. I think it was around 2002 when we threw this rave at Afrika Vrieshuis, which was, at the time, a popular spot to throw illegal raves. The moment I put on my first record, the cops burst in and stopped the party. After that I always had the idea that whenever I popped up at a rave the police were already waiting outside to spoil the evening!

    Q.Was there any one track or party that made you want to be a DJ?
    A. It was a party at a friend’s place during the millennium. Standing behind some turntables and messing around I realised that this was something I wanted to learn. Not long after that I bought my first belt drive, turntables and would neglect my homework!

    Q.Based in Amsterdam, you have contributed heavily to the scene there. What’s the best thing about living in Amsterdam?
    A. I guess the feeling that you live in a big city. Well compared to London, Paris or even Berlin, it’s just a little village actually.. And we always had a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted to do, although recently that is changing a little bit unfortunately. My guess is that in about 10 years there won’t be any coffee shops left whilst in the USA, more and more states are going to legalize weed. It is kind of like the world is upside down.

    Q.Do you have any plans to relocate? Would you leave Amsterdam?
    A. I think I’m good here in Amsterdam and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the Netherlands. Around 2007, Lauhaus and me were thinking of moving to Berlin, but luckily we didn’t, otherwise we would have missed a lot…

    Q.Loco Dice selected you as representative of the sound of Amsterdam for his Under 300 tour. How did you feel to be asked?
    A. Quite honored of course. Knowing Dice for a few years now, it was good to see that he thought of me the moment he knew he would include Amsterdam in the tour.

    Q.The Under 300 tour put a lot of focus and importance on the resident DJ. You’ll be playing alongside three of our residents in April. In your opinion, what makes a good resident DJ?
    A. A good resident has to warm up most of the time and when he does it’s really important to start up slowly and let the people get into the groove. The biggest mistake he can make in my opinion is playing too much for themselves and playing peak time tracks when there are a few people on the dance floor.

    Q. What is your favourite thing to do outside of music?
    A. Sleeping and playing soccer

    Q. And finally. Since you share a first name with the Mayor Of London, Boris Johnson, we want to know what you would change about London if you were Mayor?
    A. Good question, haha.. I guess I would extend the closing times of pubs so people wouldn’t drink like their lives depended on it. What I see is that because the pubs close so early, people tend to drink a lot in a short period of time. It doesn’t make sense to me

    Boris Werner Facebook Fan page

    Boris Werner is playing for Rhythmatic on the 14th April alongside, Alex Celler, Stathis Lazarides, Archie Hamilton and Ceri plus a special guest TBA

    Words by Simone De La Fuente
    follow Simone on Twitter @simonedlf
    Speaking Sounds

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  • Rhythmatic with Boris Werner & Alex Celler



    Location for this Saturday: 12-18 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NG is off Old St in the heart of Shoreditch


    Rhythmatic is already into their 3rd installment in 2012, and it’s promising to be their best party yet. Haven showcase on the Rhythmatic decks with some individual artists with great unique sounds, is back on the 14th of April with another stellar line up.

    For this night we are proud to bring you, for the first time, a very unique artist. We have been trying for some time to secure him for our parties, and finally he is here, Boris Werner, synonymous with Moon Harbour and Circo Loco.

    Known as an enfant terrible, a radiant light in every after hour and known for his merciless productions, Boris Werner is a thrill seeker of his generation. The Amsterdam based artist isn’t afraid to speak his mind and this reflects in his music making. Having played alongside countless innovators and inspiratory artists in clubs, parks and tunnels, Boris rose to the occasion time and time again. With surgical like precision and pain snakingly selecting his records he sets just the right party vibe.

    Boris Werner, forever young at heart, and a charismatic pillar of house, he will keep pushing dance floors and promoters to fall under his spell with his enthusiasm and dedication to the party.

    For this special occasion we are welcoming back Alex Celler, synonymous with the Rhythmatic party and has appeared countless times and has always managed to captivate our fans musical thirst. On the night we will also welcome back our residents Stathis Lazarides, Archie Hamilton and Ceri.

    This is going to be even more special occasion, because we (Rhythmatic founder’s Kiri & Kostas) will be celebrating our 35th birthday as well as our resident’s Ceri birthday, who will be turning 26.

    Happy Birthday Kiri, Kostas and Ceri!

    ??????Adv £8, £10, £15 Con £12 ??????

    for concession and venue location please email: info@rhythmatic.co.uk

    follow us on twitter @Rhythmaticuk

    Facebook event:
    RA event:

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  • Mixmag TV @ Rhythmatic presents 10 Years of Moon Harbour


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  • Rhythmatic Presents 10 Years of Moon Harbour


    Rhythmatic Proudly Present


    12PM – 12PM

    24TH APRIL

    PART 1: Day Party @ Cargo from 12:00PM – 12:00AM

    Chris Lattner
    Wesley Razzy
    Rico Novo

    Adv tickets from RA & Theransomenote
    RA tickets
    Theransomenote tickets

    PART 2: Main Party @ Location TBA 10:00PM – 5:30AM

    Matthias Tanzmann
    Luna City Express
    Chris Lattner
    Stathis Lazarides

    Adv tickets from RA & Theransomenote
    RA tickets
    Theransomenote tickets

    PART 3: After Party @ Location TBA 5:30 – late

    Un:Rated Presents Moon Harbour Official after Party: No line-up will be announced, just check out who played the last party to wet those musical taste-buds. DJs from all the above events will appear plus some very special Guests TBA

    Adv tickets from RA & Theransomenote
    RA tickets
    Theransomenote tickets

    “Moon Harbour – a quality brand for ten years” Mixmag

    It’s undeniable, the prestigious label that has now achieved its first decade of existence, excellence and success is a perfect exemplar of how to do it right. Releasing records by some of the world’s paramount artists Moon Harbour by no means lacks support, consistently supplying its contemporaries and music devotees alike with the mighty tracks in their record boxes. Created by Matthias Tanzmann 10 years ago, it now owns a remarkable back catalogue with more than 50 EPs, 5 compilation and 3 artist albums (by Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express & Martinez), and is undoubtedly a diamond in the underground scene.

    Moon Harbour’s internationally acclaimed status is always steadily reinforced by the industry media with rave reviews and chart spots, the label and brand have reached a height few others have managed to reach. Touring the world with the distinctive Moon Harbour sound, it brings impressive parties to cities across the globe, including industry conferences and international festivals. Now it’s London’s turn to witness the shine of the Harbour…

    Brought to you by Rhythmatic, 10 years are to be celebrated over 24 blissfully indulgent hours. Armed with fellow Moon Harbour producers, Chris Lattner, Ekkohaus, and Luna City Express, Matthias Tanzmann brings the sound he carved a decade ago to 3 east London venues, bound together by one illustrious atmosphere fuelled by one of London’s newest and brightest promotions….get ready for another episode in the Rhythmatic chronicles.

    The beats begin to flow at 12pm Sunday, when Cargo opens its doors to the first edition of the 24 hour bank holiday shenanigans (can you spot any irony?), mooring for a day of beats by Chris Lattner, Ekkohaus and the Rhythmatic residents, a day created to offer the chance to bask and dance in the spring sunshine in the grand outdoor area or revel in the cave-like dance room…

    Presenting a change of scenery, the party will be moved on to a secret location warehouse where label boss, Matthias Tanzmann will be joined by Luna City Express, Chris Lattner and Rhythmatic resident Stathis Lazarides to soundtrack the darker games of this bank holiday spectacular. If you’ve ever been to an all day party then you will understand just how immense the atmosphere that will be brought forward to make this momentous carry-on will be. It’s enough to make you tingle just reading about it!

    To round the 24 hours off with the flare it deserves, Rhythmatic’s very own after party, Un-Rated, hosts the last of the mischief for those seriously hardcore ravers. No line-up will be announced, just check out who played the last party to wet those musical taste-buds.

    Tailoring to produce parties for the underground-beat loving crowds of London, it’s foundation of blockbuster parties has set Rhythmatic’s name firmly on the London scene. Recognised namely for Marco Carola appearances, back to back UK exclusives for Cavo Paradiso and firsts for London in the form of label showcases with the likes of Luca Bacchetti and Davide Squillace, their refusal to stay stagnant and follow a formula illustrates exactly why they have become the exciting promotion that they are, with the Moon Harbour Showcase demonstrating the team’s fierce passion for innovation once more.

    Get down with Rhythmatic and Moon Harbour Recordings – Win tickets and music on RA, click here

    For more info about the 24 hours debauchery Moon Harbour Showcase please email us:


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