• Rhythmatic 4th Anniversary with Onur Ozer and Livio & Roby review by UGroove


    Rhythmatic 4th Anniversary with Onur Ozer and Livio & Roby 26th Nov @ Netil 000 House review by UGroove


    pic by Daddy’s Got Sweets

    On Saturday 26th November one of our favourite promoters, Rhythmatic turned another year older. The London based party has made a name for itself on the underground scene for its loyalty to good music and good times. Having seen collaborations with international names and artists including Marco Carola, Davide Squillace and Luca Bacchetti with their Hideout brand and Matthias Tanzmann with the mighty Moon Harbour, there was definitely excitement in the air for the 4th birthday celebrations.


    This year Double Trouble Productions teamed up with 28BLACK to put together something special for the anniversary bash. The event was advertised as a ‘secret warehouse East London location’ with attendees notified of the location just a couple of days before, giving the party a more exclusive feel. The night started by joining the lovely Livio and Roby for a few drinks to talk our favourite music, festivals and countries to groove. The guys were genuine, we had a laugh and they promised us magic behind the decks. We all made our way to the venue at around half past one to get Livio and Roby there for their set, but also so we could get grooving with our Rhythmatic buddies!We arrived at Netil House in Hackney (E8), to an already bustling building and growing queue. You could hear the music coming from a way down the road, suggesting the residents (Stathis Lazarides, Wesley Razzy and Archie Hamilton) had things kicking off from the very start. There were tonnes of smiling and friendly faces as we came through the doors, I could tell the night was going to have good vibes all round. Stathis Lazarides was on the decks to ease us in and I couldn’t help but start half dancing with a casual ‘dance-walk’ that we all do as we go from the entrance to dancefloor. We said hello to our favourite twins (Kiri and Kostas) the Rhythmatic promoters that never fail to get anyone pumped up and ready to rave with their happy energy. The warehouse was quite a large space, with pillars throughout and an easy to get to bar. Nothing bores me more than long bar queues, especially when all you want to be doing is stepping it out on to the dancefloor.

    The Romanian pair Livio & Roby (Desolat) produced a set of heavy techno beats for the evening. The pumping sounds received a good reaction from the crowd, with fists and cheers throughout. The Turkish talent, Onur Ozer (Cocoon) took to the turntables next for probably the most anticipated set of the evening. Again his set sat more on the techno side of things, with harder beats and a pace to push the audience through to the early hours. This harder techno sound did seem to suit the more open, four-walled space of Netil House as it filled the gaps between people and pillars. I must admit, I do like a venue to be a little more like a rabbit warren that I can weave around and explore. But, the vibes of the night more than made up for this and I have to note, the drink prices were very reasonable. It will be interesting though, to see the warehouse location selected for the next event.


    pic by Meoko (Lithium)

    From the feedback I’ve had everyone seems to have had a ‘proper right good time’. It was full of people who really appreciated the music and so, were there for the right reasons. As well as lots of those recognisable faces in attendance from the ‘Rhythmatic family’ to give it that extra boost. The after-party also made it easy enough for people to carry on the fun, which is always a bonus if you’re just not ready to go home at 6am (and many weren’t, as I hear this went off as much as the main event!) So all that’s left to say is, Happy 4th Birthday Rhythmatic, I’ll be seeing you again very soon!

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    Review by Sarama Moss

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  • Rhythmatic 4th Anniversary with Onur Ozer and Livio & Roby promotional video


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  • Podcast 2: Livio & Roby mix for Rhythmatic


    We are proud to welcome our next Podcast from the Roumanian Duo Livio & Roby, giving us this exclusive mix ahead of their debut appearance at Rhythmatic’s 4th Anniversary alongside Onur Özer on the 26th Nov in London

    Livio & Roby official website
    RA Livio & Roby

    Check their mix on the Rhythmatic itune podcast

    From initiating the first studio sessions back in 2004, Livio & Roby are one of the foremost proponents of groove laden house, fast becoming ambassadors of deep funk-blended tech-house on some of the leading labels in the scene as well as controlling the dance floors of techno playgrounds around the world.

    With consistent studio output and live sets over the last four years, 2010 looks set to be… their year, with Dj’s including Loco Dice and Steve Lawler heavily strengthening their profile with huge support in their backbeat of warm-swung loops that drift towards the sounds of early house and never fail to unwind with a looped combination of stunning tones, subtle synths and intricate drums.
    Riding high on the techno scene’s recent climate change with grooves that twist and turn each bar yet never loose the consistent grasping control over your body’s lower torso; Livio and Roby have been producing percussive prompted beats with a natural European zest long before the majority of today’s techno dj’s ripped back the parched electronic layer to reveal a more organic house sound. Displaying exceptional production skills, early releases and remixes appeared on Lawler’s Global Underground “Lights out 3″ and “Viva” compilations.

    On top of clearly knowing their way around a pair of turntables, 2007 followed with releases thick and fast; the classic simplicity of their gritty underground sound, assembled into increasingly energetic tracks made Livio and Roby one of the most visible names of the deep house resurgence.

    2008 saw the pair share the turntables alongside Loco Dice in Romania resulting in the ultimate testament to their musical talent. Dice welcomed Livio and Roby into his community of creativeness, promptly inviting then to join both his booking agency Artist Alife and much applauded label Desolat where they went on to release “Mistique” in collaboration with their pal George G. From their early appearance in the booth with Loco Dice and Martin Buttich at Cocoons Ibiza residency to recent singles on Nick Curly’s Cecille imprint, the two Romania producers have built quite a reputation for themselves that really justifies the heavy hype that’s been surrounding them of late.

    Labels including Viva Music, Cecille and Loco Dice’s eminent Desolat have welcomed the deep duo to explore a now signature sound, that’s awash in the beats that made many of us fall for house in the first place. Exercising their persistent reference to a winning Chicago and Detroit compound, sitting on the deep, percussive side of house has earned them their respected place in the often tangled and disjointed electronic scene

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  • Onur Ozer interview


    Onur Özer is a name synonymous with the underground, but despite years of DJing no one knows too much about Turkey’s first underground star. Seemingly flying under the radar and evading too much contact with the press, Onur Özer lets his music do the talking.

    In a rare interview, we caught up with Onur ahead of his set at our 4th birthday to talk growing up in Turkey, his love of playing back-to-back, and taking his mother to gigs.

    Q. On 26th November, you’ll be in London to play at Rhythmatic’s 4th birthday. What have been your past experiences of playing in London?

    A. I always enjoy playing in London, especially Fabric. This club is another world and has an amazing sound system, which allows you to play very versatile music. This is very important for me, because than you have the chance to create a dimensional flow. This is a great experience for a disc jockey.

    Q. You grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. Was there much of a ‘scene’ there?

    A. It was amazing in the past when I started. Now, it is almost not there anymore. Sad. There was an amazing club, but once it closed down somehow the whole scene got weaker every day. However, there is a strong scene in Bucharest now, which makes me very proud as an Eastern European.

    Q. I read an interview once where you said that “techno was missing something, so was Turkish music. But when they collide, they complete each other.” How much of an impact has Turkish music had on you?

    A. Well, as many examples have shown in the last few years, acoustic music combined with electronic music gives a lot of possibilities. The most important thing is, this combination gives us many fresh feelings when we listen to it, which we didn’t experience so much in “pure” electronic music productions in the last decades.

    When I said that they are completing each other, I meant both worlds: acoustic and electronic music, not only Turkish melodies. Therefore, the music I have produced so far had nothing to do so much with Turkish music, just couple of tunes. But for press, I think it was interesting that someone coming for the first time from an Eastern country in to the electronic music scene exaggerated a little bit!

    Q. What was it about techno that grabbed you? Was there a particular track that got you hooked, or a night out?

    A. My interest for electronic music, I never limit to techno actually. For me electronic music, “if it is interesting to listen to”, is something which is reaching your never discovered perceptions. It is able to make you feel 10 feelings at a time in one minute. I think this is the major thing that took my interest.

    Q. What did your family think about your career choice? Have they been to see you play?

    A. My mother supported me a lot in my career choice. Whatever it might be. And yes, it is still my duty to take my mother for a gig.

    Q. How has moving to Berlin affected you, both professionally and personally?

    A. This was a big step. Not so much in person, but professionally. I met with a lot of people who later all became my friends. We share our musical knowledge every day and this is priceless.

    Q. This summer you played eight dates across North America, despite hardly playing there before. How did the parties go?

    A. First of all I met with super nice people and had a great time in general, not just at the parties. Almost all the parties were nice, people were in to the music so much, and seeing many people who are following the music and seeing many local DJs who were still supporting the vinyl was a very good thing!

    Q. Which was your favourite party of the tour? Were there any disasters?

    A. There were no disasters. Every party was nice and had its own speciality. For me the highlights were NY, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Miami and especially the amazing roof top party in Washington DC.

    Q. You have mentioned that you love playing back-to-back. What has been your most memorable b2b session?

    A. Yes I really love it. It’s all about sharing the same moment and vision. During this year I had very nice gigs with Dorian Paic, Tobi [Neumann] and with Ricardo [Villalobos] and Raresh at Cocoon closing at Ibiza.

    Q. Which DJ’s are you digging at the moment?

    A. I really like many DJs coming from Romania who have a great approach and vision in playing techno and house, and most importantly supporting 100 percent vinyl. The rest are all my friends who are already very well known. As newcomer, Binh from Berlin who is also a resident in Club Der Visionare is one to watch.

    Q. For someone with your level of success, you don’t seem to give too many interviews. Is that a conscious decision?

    A. I have no problem to give interviews from time to time if they are interesting to answer. In fact, it is very important to concentrate on your art with your full mind-energy instead of concentrating on media and social networking craziness every day, which I am really not a big fan of.

    Q. And finally, what does the future hold for Onur Özer?

    A. At the moment I am working on my second album and some other projects. I don’t want to give a specific time, but all of them will be out during 2012.

    Onur Özer will be playing at Rhythmatic’s 4th Birthday on Saturday 26th November alongside Livio & Roby plus residents Stathis Lazarides, Wesley Razzy and Archie Hamilton.


    For tickets and more information click here

    RA: Onur Özer

    Facebook: Onur Özer

    Onur Özer Live @ Cocoon, MuzyQ ADE Special, Amsterdam – 22nd Sept 2011

    Onur Ozer Live @ Cocoon, MuzyQ ADE Special, Amsterdam – 22-10-2011 by R_co

    Interview by Simone De La Fuente

    Follow Simone at Twitter @simonedlf
    check Simone’s blog: Speaking Sounds blog

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