• rhythmatic by day, by night, by morning w/ Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax, Tobias. Live & Barac 6 Sept at Village Underground


    rhythmatic by day / by night / by morning


          Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax (Vera & Maayan Nidam), Tobias. Live & Barac


    Village Underground

     6 Sept 2014 // 24 hours

    rhythmatic has taken a short break after 6 years of putting some of talked about and exciting events, and will be back after the summer, launching a series of very special events that are not to be missed.

    6 Sept will see a 24-hour party, rhythmatic stays true to its music ethos and is putting together one exciting line up for 24 hours of shenanigans…

    After a long absence Mara Trax (Vera & Maayan Nidam) return to London for their rhythmatic debut. Maayan Nidam is no stranger, having appeared alongside San Proper in March last year at one of our best intimate parties/afters, so we are thrilled to have her back with partner in crime Vera. The ladies will be playing a 4h set – not to be missed!



    Since starting his solo project after Noi Doi, Barac has been creating quite a stir on the underground scene with his live & DJ set, and we can’t wait for his debut on the 6 Sept.

    Our main headliner is a Perlon and Panorama Bar affiliate. Margaret Dygas (3h set) will make her first appearance at Rhythmatic with fellow PB artist Tobias. Live, performing live. In light of the two artists’ recent E.P, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

    We will not announce which artists will play at which part of the event. It is all about musically minded people coming together for the music………


    Margaret Dygas (Perlon) 3 hrs



    Life as Margaret Dygas has experienced it has had more than it’s fair share of unusual twists and turns. With a sound born in New York, ripened in London and refined in Berlin, Margaret Dygas is an artist whose sound possesses a true international resonance.

    Following her move to Berlin in 2007, Margaret started producing and writing her own music, and has since then released EP’s and full-length albums on Contexterrior, Power ShovelAudio, Perlon and Non Standard Productions.




    Mara Trax (Perlon, Oslo) 4 hrs

    (Maayan Nidam & Vera)



    Mara Trax is a project of Maayan Nidam (aka Miss Fitz) and Vera Heindel. Maayan and Vera have only been

    working together for a short time, but the music they love to play is the sound of the time. Their passion for raw, old school house grooves built the foundation for collaborative productions and performances.

    Mixing dance music’s penchant for deepness with the old school tracks that they are consciously evoking, the team is leading a new deep movement especially springing up around the cities of Frankfurt and Mannheim.



    Tobias. live (Ostgut Ton)



    There is no need to divide his works into avant-garde or club contexts, because he effortlessly merges his whole spectrum into a performance that is all him, transforming the complex textures and gripping rhythms that make his music so fascinating into experiences where listening and dancing are one, and a whole life of music leads to ever new innovations. As it happens. On the spot. Tobias Freund may be non-standard, but he sure set many.

    Tobias (Live) @Kutaisi Electronic Music Festival from Stare At Dj on Vimeo.


    Barac (Sunrise)



    Getting more and more known for his real name, Barac, half of the NoiDoi crew d Dedicated to good vibe and harmony, this artist warms up our souls and brings a smile on. Decided in 2012 to extend his solo works.

    Born with a soft spot for music, he managed to gather years of musical experience, which can be felt and tasted in his productions just like a fresh opened bottle of an old wine.


     Vinyl club Competition Winner


    Are you a Vinyl DJ? Post a link to your mix on our Facebook page to enter our DJ Competition. You could win a set at our huge end of summer party, go to our fan page and post your mix, Competition is closed on the 15 August & winner will be revealed on the 20 August

    rhythmatic facebook fanpage



    R you feeling lucky?

    All you have to do is share and like our flyer on the rhythmatic facebook fan page


    See you all on 6 Sept for our 24hrs special by day/by night/by morning event.


    rhythmatic sites 

    >Facebook event

    >Facebook fan page 

    >Instagram follow us @rhythmatic

    >twitter follow us @rhythmaticuk

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    >Vinyl club 

    >Vinyl Exchange Group


    Tickets prices

    (First headliner will start before 5PM)

    ?Tickets prices?

    Please note NO guest list will be available for this event ONLY tickets, you can book your ticket either online or buy a hard copy from our ticket agencies.

    One ticket will get you to see all 5 headliners, but we will not be revealing time slots or when each artist will play

    ?Online tickets Price
    £8 Sold out,
    £12 Sold out,
    £15 Sold out
    On sale now , £18, £20

    ?OTD payment:

    Before 12AM £20, after 12AM £25

    ?Group tickets:
    Buy 4 tickets get the 5th free £72 (On Sale now)

    ?Entrance before 5PM:
    Tickets before 5PM £12 first release, follow by £15
    Group ticket before 5PM by 4 get the 5th Free, £60

    Tickets are non transferable, to enter the venue with a valid ticket you will need to present the card you used to purchase the ticket, otherwise NO entry.

    Online Outlets 

    >RA tickets: 

    >TRSN tickets:  






    >Dirty Fresh Laundry


    After Party: 

    Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/710204825738476/

    Tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?627394


    The Manager reserves the right to refuse entry.

    rhythmatic team

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  • rhythmatic recommends: Vinyl Club at Ground 281











    Vinyl club is back on the 30 Jan at Ground 281, on 281 Kingsland Road,the event will be running from 6pm till 11pm.

    The concept is to invite new and undiscovered talent to showcase their music, exchange records, guide them on technical skills and invite well known DJ’s to come and show others how they perform. There will also be talks and presentations from different areas in the music industry, and guidance on many subjects, from how to put you music out there, starting a label, producing tips, marketing, branding yourself as an artist, and other subjects in the music industry.

    This will be a great opportunity to create a community of similar minded DJs, artists, producers and generally music lovers, and to provide a meeting point to help people network with other musicians and companies which are sometimes hard to get in contact with.

    At every event there will be four DJ slots available, the best of the four DJ’s will play the last set of the night.

    If you, or anyone you know would like to play please send us a minimum house mix of 30 min to:


    If you are involved in the music scene in any way from promotion, record shops, record label’s, music magazine’s, Music school’s, Club owners’s or any other part in the music business and would like to give talk’s or are just interested in the project please send us an Email to:


    Vinyl Club is for everyone, performing or just spectating.

    Music is to be shared.

    twitter: @vinylclub
    email: Vinylclublondon@gmail.com

    Facebook event: 

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  • rhythmatic Christmas Special Part 2 with Sante (Avotre) 4 hrs & Anna Wall

    rhyth_dec(2) (1)

    Rhythmatic Christmas special

    Special guest

    Santé (A Votre, Desolat, Cocoon) – 4 hrs
    Anna Wall (A Votre)
    Matteo Manzini (Damaged)

    What better way to say goodbye to 2013 then with a hell of a party? What a year it has been, so many great moments so many great events.. and we all know there will be so many more to follow.

    For our last event of 2013 we have invited back an artist that has truly impressed us with his technical and music skills, and over the last few months he has taken the club land by storm with releases on A Votre, Desolat, Cocoon and Defected records.

    His debut at rhythmatic was back in February, and it was one of the highlights of 2013. We are super excited to have him back at the most intimate surrounding in the heart of Shoreditch where he will be playing alongside fellow A Votre artist; Anna Wall. By now might know who we are talking about… of course we are talking about Sante. Not only do we have the pleasure to have him as our headlining guest, but we are proud to announce that he will be doing an exclusive 4 hours set, just for us and this rhythmatic Christmas special.

    For this event we will be going back to the roots; We will be hosting the event at a new location for rhythmatic. This unique space offers a limited 200 capacity, and the basement venue is pimped out with full Martin Audio sound system.

    This is a limited space so make sure that you purchased tickets in advanced.

    We are looking forward to having all at our final gathering in 2013!

    ?Adv tickets:?

    £8, £10, £12 Adv, MOTD, £12 Students, £13 Con


    For guest list and more info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk


    ? follow us ?
    Twitter @rhythmaticuk / instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald and Petre inspirescu @ The Sidings Warehouse


    Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald & Petre Inspirescu 3 hours from rhythmatic on Vimeo.

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  • rhythmatic Christmas special part 1 with Martinez (Cocoon)


    rhythmatic Christmas special

    Basement: rhythmatic 

    Martinez (Cocoon)
    Wesley Razzy (rhythmatic)
    Mateo (House of Sound)

    Top Floor: Dirty Fresh Laundry co presents

    Terrell Reece
    Sy Karrie

    What a year has it been for Rhythmatic, we can’t believe we are already fast approaching the end of 2013. It has certainly been a year of travelling for us; our 5th Anniversary tour took us to places like Morocco, Monaco, Paris, St Tropez, Sonar, Amsterdam, Greece, and Stuttgart, plus many more locations in and around London.

    rhythmatic will be turning in Nov at a new space, but this time we are going intimate. The space is a new basement 200 capacity just of Kingsland road.

    For this event we will be bringing back an artist that over the years has impressed us with his style and music ethos, Martinez! Since his move to Cocoon, he has taken over the club land with his pumping techno house sets, from Festival and Cocoon parties at Amnesia, Used & Abused to Sonar, he has played all over the world. His return to Rhythmatic after his last appearance as part of the Fathers and Sons Showcase impressed so much that we thought he would be the perfect artist to close our 2013 season.


    Adv tickets

    £8, £10, £12 Adv, MOTD, £12 Students, £13 Con

    For guest list and more info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk


    follow us
    Twitter @rhythmaticuk / instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • Video: Les Diamantaires invites Rhythmatic @ Mas des Escaravatiers


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  • rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald & Petre Inspirescu 3 hours


    rhythmatic 6th Anniversary

    19th October 2013 // 10PM – 6AM


    The Sidings Warehouse


    We are Six!!!!!!!!!

    When we started this project back in 2008,we had no idea where it will take us.Our only aspiration was to stage a good party and be great hosts to our guests.But no matter what aspirations we might have had,nothing would have happened if we didn’t receive the love from the people.From our first ever party and collaboration with the Egg Club and all the way to our forthcoming anniversary party,you guys have been supporting us and giving us the strength to carry on,regardless the difficulties a London promoter faces in our day and age.

    We will never forget the first ever warehouse party we put together back in 2009 when we brought to London (for the first time on a 4 hour b2b set), two heavyweights of the quality House and Techno scene, Matthias Tanzmann & Davide Squillace at Hewett Car Park.Or the first time Marco Carola appeared at a London warehouse in 2011,the amazing 4 hour b2b by Rhadoo & Petre Inspirescu at the Pattern Cutters venue,the Hideout showcase with Davide Squillace & Luca Bacchetti at the Leather factory,the Premiesku UK Debut at Main Yard,the recent Fathers and Sons showcase at Village Underground,we have been at the forefront of quality events in the capital.

    On the 19th October and in order to celebrate our 6th Anniversary., we will be putting together our biggest event to date, bringing for the first time in London on the same bill, two very unique artists!!

    Our 1st headliner will make his first appearance for rhythmatic, Moritz von Oswald.  Half of both Basic Channel and Maurizio, he has become one of the most influential producers of techno music in the 1990s, will be bringing his rhythms and sounds from Berlin to our party.

    Our 2nd headliner is already part of the long list of great artists that have appeared at rhythmatic; Petre Inspirescu, who has long been a pivotal figure alongside his frequent accomplices Rhadoo and Raresh. From the very beginning Petre has been strongly affected by deep house tunes and the multitude variety of grooves – not only in electronic music. His DJ sets are as sonically baffling as they are irresistibly groovy; as a producer, his tracks are as unhinged as they are methodical. He equally owns the label [a:rpia:r], with Rhadoo and Raresh.

    This will be the ONLY warehouse appearance for both artists in London this year.

    We hope to see you all there as part of this amazing journey.

    Welcome to the weird and wonderful word of rhythmatic



    Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Maurizio, rhythm & Sound, GER)

    Facebook fan page

    RA page 

    Basic Channel 

    Moritz von Oswald (born 1962), who was one half of both Basic Channel and Maurizio, is a German multi-instrumentalist who went on to become one of the most influential record producers of techno music in the 1990s.

    Von Oswald was born in BerlinGermany. In the 1980s, he was percussionist for Palais Schaumburg and Associates, but moved into electronic music by the late 1980s. He did this first in 2MB and 3MB (with Thomas Fehlmann), and later he co-founded the Basic Channel label with Mark Ernestus, whose various releases came to epitomize minimal techno. As part of the Berlin/Detroit axis, Basic Channel characterized minimal techno along with other artists like Robert HoodJeff MillsMike Banks, and UR. Living in Berlin, von Oswald was also part of a music scene that pivoted around the Tresor Club and record label, as well as Hard Wax, the record store founded by Ernestus. Basic Channel and Maurizio records are characterized by a 4×4 beats with dub-inflected syncopated synth pads slowly modulated over time, most 12″s containing tracks that take up the entire side of each record. Their work was influential for Richie HawtinThomas Brinkmann, Robert Henke (aka Monolake), Wolfgang Voigt, and later through artists whose records were released on the label Chain Reaction Records, part of the Basic Channel family.

    His work with Mark Ernestus as Rhythm & Sound fused his interests in dub reggae and techno, where Jamaican vocalists sing or speak over stripped down techno beats and bass. His most recent releases are with the Moritz von Oswald Trio, where he ‘conducts’ Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric) and Sasu Ripatti, aka Vladislav Delay.[1] The Moritz van Oswald Trio released Fetch in July 2012.[2]


    Petre Inspirescu [a:rpia:r] 3 hours

    Facebook fan page

    RA page



    in his home town of Bucharest, Romania, Pedro aka Petre Inspirescu has long been a pivotal figure alongside his frequent accomplices Raresh and Rhadoo. He started djing in 1999 in a small club called Web Club. Four year ago he became resident at Circoloco, Dc10 Ibiza and since then, his way of feeling and understanding electronic music changed completely. In the last three years, his appearances throughout the whole world have brought his name to many listeners’ lips, heightening interest in the fertile Romanian scene-an unexpected outpost of advanced electronic music.

    From the very beginning Pedro has been strongly affected by deep house tunes and the multitude variety of grooves – not only in electronic music. His DJ sets are as sonically baffling as they are irresistibly groovy; as a producer his tracks are as unhinged as they are methodical.

    He set high standards with the track „Le Bou“ that was released on his own label Arpair which he founded with his friends Rhaddo & Raresh in 2007. The following productions of Petre Inspirescu (his name as a producer) prove that this success wasn’t only a singular case. Thus it’s only fair that Luciano’s Cadenza, one of the most respected labels in the electronic music scene, approached Pedro and signed him right away (Recommendation: Cadenza # 20).

    Before, Pedro had gained a good reputation as a DJ, for example as resident at Circo Loco Ibiza @ DC10, where he convinced an international audience week after week. By now he is a globally booked and sought-after artist when it comes to electronic dance music. He even has a group of sympathisers (Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Tania Vulcano and many more) that sounds like the “who’s who” of the international electronic music scene. And there is no end in sight: the new studio in Bukarest has been set up long ago, gigs all around the world increase rapidly and everything is going very well. We are looking forward to his output in the near future.


    rhythmatic with Rhadoo & Petre Inspirescu 18 June 2011



    Rhythmatic Presents Cavo Paradiso with Rhadoo & Petre Inspirescu from Rhythmatic on Vimeo.

    We hope to see you all there and part of this amazing journey.

    Welcome to the weird and wonderful word of rhythmatic




    General Public: £8  & £10 sold out, £12, £15, £17.5, £20 adv,  MOTD

    Students: £13 with a Valid I.D, no I.D you will be asked to pay full price

    Online tickets outlets

    rhythmatic web





    All tickets holders will be required to show the credit card they used to buy the ticket, no credit card no entry

    facebook event

    for more info email us: info@rhythmatic.co.uk

    After party: rhythmatic presents Un:Rated official 6th Anniversary afters 


    No line-up will be announced, just check out who played the last parties to wet those musical taste-buds. 100 capacity ONLY, wristbands will be given out on the night of the main event and very limited tickets available on RA. NO tickets would be sold at the door. At a great intimate space location.

    Our past guestsDavide Squillace, Luca Bacchetti, Livio & Roby, Maayan Nidam, San Proper, Julian Perez, Martinez, Priku, Mikee, Suciu, The Unknown Project, Ekkohaus, Damian Oh, Ma Teo, Josef, Rejam DJs, Ken (Down Under), Jospeh Willians, Carlos Ryan, Dennis Christopher & our Residents on rotation

    RA event

     Facebook after party event


    As you’re no doubt aware mobile phone theft is a genuine issue in London as organised gangs are targeting London’s clubs.

    Please be very careful and look after your phone at all times. We recommend you avoid using it when you are in the club. If you lose your phone please immediately contact a member of security if you think it has been stolen please give a clear description of the alleged culprit.

    We’ll be operating aNO RE ENTRY policy to stop thieves leaving the venue with your phone. You may be searched when you leave the venue. This will deter thieves from taking your phone as they won’t be able to get off the premises with it.

    Please do not attend the shows by car; the council and Police would like customers to use public transport or arrive by taxi to discourage people from driving when over the drink / drive limit. There is little or no appropriate public parking in the vicinity.

    The venue is a No Smoking venue. Please only smoke in the outdoor smoking area.

    Please respect our neighbourhood and exit the area quietly!

    The Management reserve the right to refuse entry.


    Instagram and Twit about rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with the hastag #rhythmatic6 and win entries for the main and after party

    follow us 

    Twitter @rhythmaticuk  add at instagram @rhythmaticuk


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  • Rhythmatic presents Fathers & Sons 1st Anniversary Tour with Sebo K, Martinez & Julian Perez

    F&S front flyer

    Rhythmatic presents

    Fathers & Sons 1st Anniversary Tour


    Village Underground

    Sebo K (Mobilee Records)

    Martinez (Cocoon)

    Julian Perez (Fathers & Sons)

    Archie Hamilton (Rhythmatic, Moscow Rec)

    Wesley Razzy (Rhythmatic)

    Over the past few years, Rhythmatic has hosted exclusive label showcases alongside super innovative labels such as German based ‘Moon Harbour’ & ‘Weplayminimal’, Spanish based ‘Hideout Records’ and Romanian ‘All Inn Records’, bringing a truly European flavour to London. Not only have Rhythmatic been pushing their brand in the UK, but this year they have showcases in Paris, St Tropez, Morocco, Stuttgart plus many more, taking a Rhythmatical journey abroad. Now it’s time for yet another exclusive UK Debut with the mighty ‘Fathers & Sons’. To top things off we have a debut from Sebo K on our decks for this event so all at Rhythmatic HQ are pretty ecstatic!

    The Fathers and Sons showcase will be taking place at a new location for Rhythmatic, over the course of 8 hours, day and night. The event will feature full production by Rhythmatic to ensure that the Father and Sons Showcase will be one to remember for one and all. Fathers and Sons is a new Ibiza-based underground house and techno vinyl label, led by head honcho Julian Perez. Quite frankly this is the newest, most exciting label to leave the Balearic shores and we are very honoured to be the first to welcome them. All releases so far have sold out in their first week on the market, proving this label is definitely one to watch.

    Julian Perez has built a solid reputation around the world with his elegantly moving and absorbing groovy style. With several productions out on labels such as Leftroom, Lowpitch, Recycle and Frankfurt based Two.Birds Records – Julian is without a doubt an artist that has captured the attention of many through a collection of provocative and profound house music, pushing a unique sound that has produced tracks such as ‘Canal Cruise (FAS001) B2’ recently released on Father and Sons. Since joining Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSiC Crew in 2012, both Julian and the VIVa MUSiC have been nominated for an award for the best Ibiza party and best artist 2012 by Vicious Music Awards. One of the most wanted tracks of the season was his remix of the old anthem “The Night Train”, which was played by everyone who could get their hands on it. This is only the beginning of Father and Sons and we can only expect more exemplary music from this exciting new label.

    Joining Julian is an artist who is more than just an influential figure within Berlin’s music community; creating music that can take any crowd by the horns and literally give them a tantalising mix of old and new. This man is Sebo K. As a DJ he is a bona fide tastemaker and his progression with Mobilee knows no bounds. Alongside his timeless original productions, tracks such as Mobilee track ‘Mr. Duke’, he introduces a hint of jazzy percussion, which remind us that he can roll with the tide of musical trends and is no one trick pony. Collaborating with Anja Schneider when joining Mobilee, his track ‘Diva’ was released along with Mobilee’s ‘Back Up Vol. 1’. Sebo K has remixed some of the most respected labels and artists on the planet, including Poker Flat, Mule Electronic, Radioslave and Efdemin. Delivering seductive rhythms full of charm and grace to deep minimal master pieces, Sebo K is a dab hand at hypnotising any audience willing to let him!

    Swedish Man and Music Machine ‘Martinez’ tops off the bill for Father and Sons. He is no stranger to Rhythmatic, having already played back in 2009 and his return is something we have been looking forward to for some time. Owner of Out of Orbit Recordings which launched in 2004, Martinez has truly proved to be an international super trooper, having covered all areas from deep, jazzy house to cosmic house, experimenting with sounds leading him to colourful techno melodies. After many collaborations, Steve Bug invited Martinez to release a track on his label Dessous Recordings which resulted in the “Skywalker EP”, which didn’t disappoint and inspired a whole new side to Martinez’s music, edgier and more twisted, the more so the better! He released a vinyl only album on Out of Orbit Recordings which was supported by the likes of Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin and Miss Kitten followed by another two albums ‘A Chemical Imbalance’ and ‘The Paradigm Shift’. His skills are widely respected all over the world, playing in clubs like D-Edge in Sao Paulo, Crobar in Buenos Aires, Amnesia in Ibiza, Space in Ibiza, Pacha in Ibiza, Fabric in London, Cocoon in Frankfurt and Panorama Bar in Berlin.

    And of course we welcome back our two residents Archie Hamilton and Wesley Razzy. Archie Hamilton who over the last few months has journeyed to Amsterdam, Italy, St Tropez, Ibiza as well as extensively throughout the UK. His releases have been supported by the likes of tiNI and Marco Carola and he has been picked up by tiNI for the tiNi and the gang sessions in Ibiza.  After a long spell in Brazil touring the continent, Wesley Razzy has returned is back for another season in London and Ibiza, with gigs already confirmed for power house ‘Fabric’ as well as dates in Ibiza. He has been working hard in the studio, so watch this space for his first release coming out soon.

    follow us on

    Twitter @Rhythmaticuk
    add us instagram @Rhythmaticuk

    **After party**


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  • Les Diamantaires DETENDU Presentent RHYTHMATIC with Thomas Melchior & Archie Hamilton


    Les Diamantaires DETENDU Présentent RHYTHMATIC









    RHYTHMATIC [ Londres ]

    As Rhythmatic approaches its 5th anniversary and 5 years of true to the bone, music focused parties, they have become the go-to London event for house and techno’s risings stars and established names to touch down in the capital, for a series of rare and debut showcases.

    Having already welcomed the likes of Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squallice and Premiesku to grace the Rhythmatic stage, expect more surprises for 2013 as the well known and loved Double Trouble duo move forwards with the 5th Anniversary Tour. With line-ups that pluck the finest and most respected talents from the scene, while setting the bar and mapping out the labels, artists and brands that are next to catch the industry’s attention.

    Rhythmatic strictly pursues an ethos towards cutting edge music, genre-bending and an open-minded attitude. Each event Rhythmatic drives towards achieving versatility and steers away from following the obvious trends, by booking guest such as DJ Three, Nastia, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, Boris Werner and Luca Bacchetti who can offer something completely diverse to their audience. The key to their success is also in the hands of their extremely popular residents Stathis Lazarides, Wesley Razzy, Archie Hamilton and Ceri that have seen praise across London, UK and abroad.

    Not to mention the biggest step the brand has taken yet, the Rhythmatic record label will see the light of day in 2013. Promoting the current sound of Rhythmatic parties and predominantly focusing on releases from their residents, they also look to eventually collaborate with other acts once the label has found its feet.
    A now truly established name on the London club circuit, Rhythmatic are looking to the future as they celebrate 5 unforgettable years. Revamping their designs and launching a new logo, new branding and fresh face to Rhythmatic, a new chapter begins for one of the original boundary pushing parties to resonate from the capital. 2013 is going to be an extremely busy for the Rhythmatic family as the Anniversary Tour takes them to various warehouses and locations across the UK and overseas. As they continue to spread the Rhythmatic disorder to the next level and even further reaches, watch this space!


    LES DIAMANTAIRES [ House / Techno / Minimal – Marseille/Nice]

    DJs, producteurs, graphistes, Les Diamantaires sont un crew composé de quinze membres aux multiples facettes. Trois ans d’existence et déjà une multitude d’actions mises en œuvre : organisateur tentaculaire de nombreux événements dans le sud de la France, directeur artistique de clubs, fédérateur et novateur, ils sont constamment à la recherche de la surprise et du bon mélange. Des plages privées de la Côte d’Azur aux caves de centre-ville, des espaces sauvages de Provence aux clubs underground, festivals, bars, hôtels, troquets, châteaux, campings, payotte ou appartements, au soleil ou sous la pluie, à l’apéro ou à l’after, peu importe le lieu et le temps, ils cherchent à rendre solide l’instant présent… Les Diamantaires vous convient à une excursion électronique, le temps d’une journée et d’une nuit, un voyage musical progressif et puissant assortit d’une programmation fine et audacieuse. 14h de live pour découvrir le savoir-faire et le savoir-vivre du collectif.


    ??? BILLETERIE ???????????

    Pass All day :


    Pass soirée :




    ??? INFOS PRATIQUES ????????

    13h00 : ouverture des portes
    03h00 : fermeture des portes

    ?Sur place : 20 € : 13h à 3h / 15 € : 19h30 à 3h
    ?Prévente : 20 € : 13h à 3h / 15 € : 19h30 à 3h + frais de loc.

    Le Mas des Escaravatiers
    514 chemin de Saint-Tropez
    83 480 Puget sur Argens
    04 94 55 51 83

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  • Open Appart’ and HDNSM invite Rhythmatic with Stathis Lazarides & Wesley Razzy

    Rhythmatic paris

    Open Appart’ and HDNSM invite

    ?***Rhythmatic ***?

    @ Le Dandy Paris

    Stathis Lazarides (Rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso)
    Wesley Razzy (Rhythmatic)

    Kevin Reis
    Orum Modular

    Open Appart Paris and HDNSM invite Rhythmatic for a special showcase in Le Dandy Paris on the 22nd of June

    Capturing the spirit of old school Paris by night, Le Dandy is a cross between a mansion and a classic French cabare, offering a cozy yet underground atmosphere which Rhythmatic is sure to guarantee.

    Rhythmatic has been taking London’s scene by storm for over 5 years now with line ups ranging from Moon Harbour and Hideout to Avotre and Fathers and Sons showcases and hosting such exceptional artists as Marco Carola, Onur Ozer, Isolee, Premiesku, Julietta, Maayan Nidam and San Proper to name a few. To celebrate this anniversary Rhythmatic will be touring all over Europe and beyond this summer and we are delighted to announce this weekend stop over in Paris.

    Stathis Lazarides is one of Rhythmatic’s founding residents and a household name in his own right. Having released on respected labels such as Memoria, Moscow Records, Body Parts Records and Distirk Raw to name a few, he is also resident at the infamous Cavo Paradiso, having played alongside some of the industry’s biggest names.

    Wesley Razzy will play his first European gig upon his return from Brazil this year, bringing long awaited sunshine to the dancefloor! Having played at London’s biggest events from Mixmag to Cocoon heroes Wesley never stops surprising us with his ever evolving sound and will no doubt showcase his deep organic techno at its best for this long awaited Paris debut.

    HDNSM is an electronic music platform and an agency based in London. With its weekly podcasts, charts, reviews and interviews as well as a successful weekly radio show on Hoxton FM HDNSM represents and champions freshest underground talent from London and beyond. The collective will make their Paris debut with 2 of their agency Paris Residents, Kevin Reis and V!ktor. V!ktor, former Kazantip minister, is equally welcome in the heart of Paris as he is in Eastern Europe, boasting a residency in Moscow’s newest Monasterio. Kevin Reis, as often found behind the decks as organizing events in Paris such a Zoo Club and Cliché will join long time friends from Rhythmatic in this collaboration.

    Oram Modular, Silencio Club residents from Switzerland will play downstairs in the basement.

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